Kouskysveta’s survival kit

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Kouskysveta’s Survival Kit is small EDC box, that can reverse the unfavorable fate in cases where we have nothing else in our pockets. It is designed for men, women and small explorers, because every good adventurer should have one in his backpack (purse, pocket or kidney). It contains basic things to help in unexpected events, travel and everyday life and we hope that it will serve you as well as it has served us for a long time 🙂

Spare parts

This is ENGLISH version. For CZECH version click here

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Survival kit contains over 25 gadgets. We have divided into several categories. To see what’s inside the KPZ, check out the video or see below.


The tools are so small and yet they have other features.

Multitool pliers

Small metal forceps, which contain other 4 tools

Lightweight multifunctional folding pliers that fit in your palm. In addition, a small knife, a nail file, a screwdriver and an opener are built into them. In case of frequent use, there is also a hanging hole.

Multitool ninja card

A credit card-sized metal card that contains 11 additional tools.

A credit card-sized metal card that includes: a can opener, a knife for cutting ropes, fruit, etc., a screwdriver, a ruler, a bottle opener, a four-size screwdriver wrench, a flat-head screwdriver or a hard blade, saw and scraper, ring for determining the direction on the map, wrench for small screws, hole for hanging


Whether you’re traveling home or abroad, driving or cycling, or just walking with your backpack
along your own axis, you will certainly appreciate these things in KPZ.


Small light, surprisingly powerful.

It can also be used as a spare lighting for a night biker. It also has a hook for hanging and the possibility to change the batteries.

Sewing kit

When you have a button on your trek or a jacket is torn, it's time for a needle and thread!

Contains 6 types of thread, needle, 2 buttons and safety pin. Sometimes better than gold.


Small but accurate button compass

With a diameter of 15 mm, it ranks among the smallest compasses. You won’t get lost with him! Be careful, however, that you do not use it near metal objects, which then lives your own life.


1 meter of thin metal wire

Suitable for quick repair of a tent, hanging a hatch over a fire, eyes on animals, repairing a paddle …

Aquatabs water purification tabs

2 Tablets intended for the preparation of drinking water in bottles anywhere in the world. Used by NATO

One tablet is up to 5 liters of water. In total, you can create up to 10 liters of drinking water. Effective against diarrhea of travelers, Giardia, faecal coliforms, cholera, typhoid, dysentery and many others, including hepatitis A and E and salmonella. Before use, read the enclosed survival kit information

Compressed magic towel

Wipe pressed to a tablet size.

Just moisten a bit. Size after unfolding: 26cm x 20cm. 100% cotton.

NanoCord twine

3 meters of the strongest string in the world.

You know parachute lines, sometimes called Paracord. Nanocord is a specially modified version, so that the diameter of the string was as small as possible while maintaining the maximum load capacity.

• Load capacity 16.3 kg
• Diameter 0,75 mm
• Material – Polyester / Nylon
• Light
• Stylish color does not fade in the sun
• Mold and UV resistant
• Made in the USA by ATWOOD, a world leader

Zip lock bag

just zip lock 12 x 8 cm.

Bag, for example for medicines, sugar, salt … Or take the beautiful beach sand as a memory.


Not only in the city one has to deal occasionally

with various pitfalls waiting for him here and there.

Duct tape

0.5 meter of Duct tape

The old rule says: If something wasn’t solved by adhesive tape, little was used.

Flexible pencil

An extraordinary pencil that doesn't break.

The whole pencil is partially flexible, so it absorbs impacts. The lead is specially formulated into a gel that will not break.


Small mirror, for quick smile control.

For quick inspection or signaling. Super even for contact lenses replacement.


50 cm long scale. Measure twice, cut once.

Sometimes you just need to measure something quickly.The scale is made of durable plastic. On one side is the scale in cm, on the other in inches.


Hygienically wrapped wooden toothpick.

Nothing can spoil the day more than the discomfort between your teeth!

The toothpick can also be used as an emergency fork.

Wet wipe

Napkin with antibacterial effect.  

Antibacterial napkin. You better wipe it! 🙂

Solution: Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.2% – disinfection

Paper clips

2 ordinary paper clips.  

Sometimes even with a paper clip you can do wonders. In addition to holding papers well, it’s also a great helper when getting to your phone’s SIM card

Kousek papíru

9 x 9 cm velký kousek papíru.

Rychle napište telefonní číslo, nákupní seznam nebo třeba básničku

Super glue

A little instant glue

A tiny tube with an applicator and a total of 1 g of instant glue.


We also think of security. This is actually the most important part of EDC.

Multifunctional whistle

A small but loud whistle with an adapter for an unbreakable pencil and a scalpel

Využití nejen k signalizaci, ale i například pro zastrašení divé zvěře či nepříjemných lidí. Navíc obsahuje speciální adaptér pro uchycení skalpele a nezlomitelné tužky.

Waterproof matches

Wind and water resistant matches + cutter

3 Matches highly resistant to moisture and wind. It burns for about 10 seconds. For example, they are also used by NATO units

Alcohol pad

Disinfection of minor injuries or instruments.

Dimensions after opening:
60 x 30mm.

Content: 0.4 ml Isopropyl alcohol (70% v / v).

For disinfection of eg cutlery. It can also be used to disinfect minor injuries, but be careful, it contains alcohol and therefore stings a little. It can also be used to start a fire.

Waterproof plasters

2 quality waterproof patches from a Czech manufacturer.

Quality waterproof patches from a Czech manufacturer. Sterile packed.

First aid instructions

Basic information on how to help a person.

On the cap of the KPZ you will find information on how to proceed if you find someone unconscious.


3 colored light sticks, each in a different color.

Chemical light / glow sticks. They can be used as emergency lighting, for sports or fishing. Can be used safely in areas with a risk of fire or explosion. The rods are waterproof, so they can be used underwater or in rainy weather. They can be used, for example, to mark a path.

Scalpel blade

Sterile packed sharp scalpel blade.

If you need something sterile and sharp, this is exactly this blade.


Condoms from durex. Designed not only for that one ... 🙂

Yes yes, but in addition to the classic use, you can use it as a waterproof case, insulation, flexible bandage, to start a fire … Perhaps the most multifunctional thing in our EDC 🙂


Card with content and recommended storage of items. (In english)

The card, according to which you will be able to compose our KPZ like a pro, you will also find the exact position of all components on it.

The card also contains the Morse code, important telephone numbers, some basic unit conversions, a small scale in inches, and also important information such as the dosage of water disinfection tablets.

In addition, there is a link to a video on how to put everything back into EDC.

A few words about our EDC.

We started designing the survival kit in early 2014. If you visited our website after a long time, you are certainly not surprised to see what transformation EDC has undergone 🙂 We are constantly improving it. We always come up with a new tweak or technology, and since we manage everything ourselves, we try to immediately implement the new improver in a new series. We are looking for quality materials, but at the same time we make sure that the price of the box does not climb to dizzying heights. We compile each kit manually in a small village in the Elbe. We therefore guarantee its quality.

How to put everything back (version 2018)

* the video tutorial is on the kit version from 2018. In the current version, the content is improved (see product photos). However, the tutorial can also be used on the current one.

We also have EDC literally "tailored" for travelers

In a luxurious hand-sewn bag in various designs, so that a woman has everything she needs on her travels.

Or you might be interested in our ultralight EDC Dragonfly

Sutvival kit, with a fly weight of 110g, in a minimalist design, will delight you with its contents!

Napsali o naší KPZ

Hmotnost155 g
Rozměry94 × 24 × 60 mm


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